Workshop - Solvency II & Risk Management 
MONDAY, May 16 - 14:00-17:00
Europe Conference Center, Aro Palace Hotel

  • Prof. Karel Van HULLE, KU Leuven and Goethe University Frankfurt, Chairman of the IRSG of EIOPA, Member of the PIOB and former Head of Unit for Insurance and Pensions at the European Commission - Download

  • Calin RANGU, Director, Consumer Protection Direction
    ASF - Financial Supervisory Authority - Download

  • Paul MITROI, Director, Regulation/Authorization Direction
    Insurance-Reinsurance Sector, ASF - Financial Supervisory Authority - Download

  • Sandro FERRARI, Director, C Consulting, Italy, former Head of Reinsurance at IVASS, Istituto per la Vigilanza sulle Assicurazioni - Download

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    14.00 - 14.30 - Registration & Welcome Coffee 
    14.30 - 17.00 - Conference


    Solvency II: Almost half a year of implementation
    • The current status of implementation of the European legislative framework at the member states level:
      • Are there improvements to the European legislative framework needed?
      • The first effects of Solvency II for the European market and insurance consumers.
    • Feedbacks from the member states:
      • The protection through reinsurance has increased?
      • How was the "M&A phenomenon" influenced?
      • Are there insurers who "closed their doors"?

    Pillar III: The new challenges of the insurance undertakings

    • Public Disclosure: The annual disclosure of SFCR (Solvency and Financial Conditions Report): what, how, when & where will be the information disclosed?
    • Regular Supervisory Reporting - RSR: Both at European level and member countries: Are there any challenges in collecting and centralizing the data? How are the data processed?

    In the chair:
    Razvan TUDOR
    Risk Management Specialist

    Keynote speakers:
    Prof. Karel Van HULLE
    KU Leuven and Goethe University Frankfurt
    Chairman of the IRSG of EIOPA,
    Member of the PIOB and former Head of Unit
    for Insurance and Pensions at the European Commission Chairman of the IRSG of EIOPA,
    Member of the PIOB and former Head of Unit
    for Insurance and Pensions at the European Commission
    I  served as an official of the European Commission from June  1984 until March 2013,  after working  8  years  with  the  Belgian  Banking  Commission.  My  last position  in the EC was Head of Insurance and Pensions. In that capacity, I  was closely  involved  with  the  development  of  Solvency  II  and  represented  the  EC
    within EIOPA and within the IAIS.

    After retiring  from  the  EC  in  March  2013,  I  have  been  working  as  an  academic and an independent adviser on matters relating to insurance regulation. I am an Associate  Professor  at  the  KU  Leuven  (Belgium)  and  Honorarprofessor  at  the Goethe  University  in  Frankfurt  where  I  am  attached  to  the  International  Centre for  Insurance  Regulation.  My  teaching  and  research  focuses  on  insurance  and pension regulation and solvency. In March 2014, I was appointed as member of the   Public Interest   Oversight   Board,   which   monitors the   development   of international  standards  on  auditing  from  a  public  interest  perspective.  On  1 January 2016, I was appointed as member of the Bermuda Monetary Authority, which  is  the  supervisory  authority  for  (re)  insurance  in  Bermuda,  a  country whose  solvency  regime  has  been  recognised  by  the  EC  as  equivalent  with Solvency II. From February 2015 until March 2016, I served as Chairman of the Insurance and Reinsurance Stakeholder Group.

    My  contribution  to  the  IRSG  is  primarily  that  of  an  independent  expert in insurance  regulation.  It  is  important  that  the  application  of  the  new  solvency regime  is  closely  monitored  so  as  to  ensure  that  it  delivers  what  stakeholders expect  from  it.  This  will  be  an  important  task  of  the  IRSG.  As  one  of the architects  of  Solvency  II,  I  am  well  placed  to  provide  an  insight  in  what  was intended  when  the  regulation  was  developed.  I  also  hope  to  contribute  to  the further  implementation  of  the  Insurance  Distribution  Directive  which  should ensure  that  consumers  receive  high  quality  advice  when  they  buy  insurance products.  I  also  wish  to  assist  the  IRSG  in  developing  closer  contacts  with interested parties and in increasing its visibility.


    Calin RANGU
    Consumer Protection Direction
    ASF - Financial Supervisory Authority

    Paul MITROI
    Director, Regulation/Authorization Direction
    Insurance-Reinsurance Sector
    ASF - Financial Supervisory Authority

    Paul SWOBODA
    President of the Directorate
    GRAWE Romania

    Sandro FERRARI
    Director, C Consulting, Italy
    former Head of Reinsurance at IVASS
    Istituto per la Vigilanza sulle Assicurazioni former Head of Reinsurance at IVASS
    Istituto per la Vigilanza sulle Assicurazioni
    Sandro started his career in 1975 with Unione Italiana di Riassicurazione SpA – Roma / Swiss Re Italia SpA – Roma. He has been Manager with underwriting authority for:
    • Proportional and non-proportional non-life treaties from South East Asia, Indian Sub-Continent, North Africa;
    • Non-life non-proportional treaties directly from French companies and through French, English German reinsurance brokers;
    • USA and Canada; in this capacity, he was responsible for the activities of the Canadian Branch of Montreal;
    • Proportional and non-proportional treaties and facultative business from Israel;
    • Non-life reinsurance treaties from Italian insurance companies.

    He has been member of the Board of Directors of Unione Italiana Reins. Co. of America New York (1993-1996).

    From 2002 to June 30th, 2005 he joined R.I.B. - Reinsurance International Brokers SpA – Rome. Within this Italian broking group he carried out activities as an intermediary of reinsurance products, and for the start-up of internal policies targeting expansion to international markets;

    From July 1st, 2005 up to November 30th, 2012, he joined ISVAP, Istituto per la Vigilanza sulle Assicurazioni Private – Roma (today IVASS), as Head of the Reinsurance Office. In this role he has been:

    • Responsible for internal coordination for supervision of reinsurance activities and he has gained significant experience in the field of Solvency 2. He has created the system for collecting data on reinsurance ceded (circular 574D) and has ensured its diffusion within Europe. The Italian system is highly appreciated and supported by EIOPA, which has adopted its logical and operational structure;
    • Member of the 'SG3 IGSRR of EIOPA;
    • Member of the Reinsurance Sub-Committee of the IAIS (International Association of Insurance Supervisors, Basel);
    • Member (representing ISVAP/IVASS) of the working round table set up to treat aspects related to natural disasters and report to the Government (appointed in 2010 by Decree of the Head of the Department of Civil Protection).
    Octavian COSENCO
    Life Insurance Section Responsible
    ARA - Romanian Actuarial Association

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