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FIAR 2012 Topics

 MONDAY, May 21


PRIVATE PENSIONS DAY - Conferences & Seminars


 TUESDAY, May 22



Workshop Nat Cat Risks - how much can the insurance industry take from the nature's fury?




FIAR 2012 Attendance

AIA - Association of Insurers of AzerbaijanMr. Azer ALIYEVExecutive Director
ALB - Leasing and Non Banking Financial Services Association, RomaniaMrs. Adriana AHCIARLIUSecretary General
ANPCPPSR - National Association for Consumer Protection and Promotion of Programs and Strategies from RomaniaMr. Sorin MIERLEAPresident
Mrs. Gabriela TUDOR Economist
APAPR - Romanian Pension Funds AssociationMr. Mihai BOBOCEASecretary General
APPA - Association for Promoting Insurance, RomaniaMr. Alexandru CIUNCANSecretary General
Mr. Radu MUSTATEA Member
Mr. Dacian VINEREANU Member
Mr. Andrei GLUVACOV Member
Mr. Dan STANCU Member
Belarusian Association of InsurersMr. Anton NEDVEDSKIY External Relations Manager
CCCEC - Center for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption, Republic of Moldova Mr. Mihail GOFMANDeputy General Manager
Mr. Adrian CORCIMARI Senior Inspector
CFA RomaniaMr. Mugur POPESCUVicepresident
CNPF - National Commission of Financial Market, Republic of MoldovaMr. Artur GHERMANVice-Chairman
Mr. Vladimir STIRBU Director of Insurance Supervisory Department
COMPULSORY INSURANCE BUREAU, AzerbaijanMr. Elkhan GULIYEVExecutive Director
Mr. Farid ALIYULLAYEV Deputy Head of the Finance and Investment Dept.
CSA - Insurance Supervisory Commission, RomaniaMr. Constantin BUZOIANU President
Mr. Tudor BALTA Vicepresident
Mr. Cornel COCA-CONSTANTINESCU Vicepresident
Mr. Dan CONSTANTINESCU Member of the Council
Mr. Albin BIRO Member of the Council
Mr. Doru Claudian FRUNZULICA Member of the Council
Mr. Fanel PLOPEANU General Secretary
Mrs. Catrinel FRINCU Director, Communication and Mass-Media Directorate
Mrs. Doina NEAGU Director, Licensing Directorate
Mrs. Laura CHITOIU Head of Department, Licensing Directorate
Mrs. Madi MUSAT Deputy Director, Legal Services Directorate
Mrs. Mona CUCU Director, Compulsory Insurance Directorate
Mr. Ghita CONSTANTIN Head of Department, Actuaries Directorate
Mrs. Adina PLOPEANU Head of Department, Stability, Supervision and Control Directorate
Mr. Vasile STANCIULESCU Actuary Counselor
Mrs. Mirela NICOLAE Head of Department, Compulsory Insurance Directorate
Mr. Bogdan GREBLESCU Deputy Director, Stability, Supervision and Control Directorate
Mrs. Manuela ZAHARIA Actuary, Actuaries Directorate
CSSPP - The Supervisory Commission of the Private Pensions System, RomaniaMr. Mircea OANCEAPresident
Mrs. Ileana HORVATH Director, Supervisory and Control Division
Mr. Dragos HASEGAN Director, Licensing and Regulatory Division
Mr. Dan ZAVOIANU Head of Communication and Public Affair Division
Mrs. Mihaela HAVALETZ Head of Prudential Supervisory Division
Mr. Gheorghe MOT Head of Financial Stability Division
Mr. Florin SFRENT Specialist, Supervisory and Control Division
EFRP - European Federation for Retirement Provision Mr. Jens TINGALegal Advisor
FPVS - Street Victims Protection Fund, RomaniaMr. Ovidiu CIOBANUPresident
Mr. Sorin GRECEANUGeneral Manager
Mr. Mihai NECRELESCU Head of Legal Department
Guarantee Fund, RomaniaMr. Nicolae CRISANDirector
IMCIS - Institute of Intellectual Capital and Change Management, RomaniaMr. Calin RANGUPresident
INCERC, RomaniaMr. Ioan Sorin BORCIAHead of Laboratory
MAI - Ministry of Administration and Interior, RomaniaMrs. Adelina CARACOSTEAChief Commissary, Project Management Unit
MRN - Mission des societes d’assurance pour la connaissance et la prevention des risques naturelsMr. Roland NUSSBAUMManaging Director
Ministry of Health, RomaniaMr. Sorin BERBECECouncillor
National Program for Catastrophe Risks Management, Bulgaria Mr. Roumen GALABINOVChairman
UNSAR - The National Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies from RomaniaMr. Rangam BIRPresident
Mrs. Florentina ALMAJANUGeneral Manager
Mr. Constantin NASTASE PR Manager
UNSICAR - The National Association of Insurance Brokerage and Consultancy Societies from RomaniaMr. Bogdan ANDRIESCUPresident
Mrs. Dana DOBRE PR Adviser
Mrs. Georgiana HENTES Representative
Insurance, Reinsurance and Brokerage Companies
AAIC - American Agricultural Insurance Company, USAMrs. Mary Carolyn PORTERReinsurance Manager
AB Asig, RomaniaMrs. Mirela SERBANDirector
ABC Asigurari, RomaniaMrs. Victoria DUMITRUGeneral Manager
Mr. George SANDU Deputy General Manager
Mr. George MATEI Insurance Director
Mrs. Mirela RADUBrokers Director
Mr. Gabriel TELEAGA Claims Director
Mr. Gruia NICOLESCU Head of Anti-fraude Office
Mrs. Alexandra PATRASCUActuar
AEGON, RomaniaMrs. Elena TUTUNARUTied Network Project Manager
AIR Broker, RomaniaMr. Viorel ISTRATEGeneral Manager
Mr. Gabriel ILIESCU Sales Manager
ALICO RomaniaMr. Theodor ALEXANDRESCUGeneral Manager
ALLIANZ - TIRIAC Asigurari, RomaniaMr. Florin ANDREESCUUnderwriter
Mr. Sorin STRATILAUnderwriter
Mr. Bogdan ZAMFIRESCU Manager
Mr. Nicolae AVRAM Manager
Mr. Sorin BALTASIU Manager
Mrs. Adina GHENCIU Marketing Specialist
Mrs. Ana-Maria HERA Assistant to CEO
AON Benfield Bratislava, Slovak RepublicMr. Martin KRCHOBroker
Mrs. Ana ZIFCIAKBroker
AON RomaniaMr. Valentin TUCACEO
Mrs. Adriana GRECU CBO
Mr. Dan BOLD Automotive & Affinity
Mr. Marius IANCU Director Empolyee Benefits
ARIG, BahrainMr. Abdulla SULTANUnderwriter
ARPEXIM Broker, Romania Mr. Radu GRIGORASGeneral Manager
ASICONS Broker, RomaniaMr. Constantin ADAMGeneral Manager
ASIG Management Broker, RomaniaMrs. Rodica FUICUGeneral Manager
Mrs. Adriana CAVESCU Sales Manager
ASIGEST, RomaniaMr. Antonio SOUVANNASOUCKManaging Partner
ASIROM VIG, RomaniaMrs. Mariana DIACONESCUPresident
Mrs. Carmen CIRNUManager
Mr. Anton PETRE Reinsurance Manager
Mr. Dragos CALIN Executive Director
Mrs. Ioana DUMITRU Manager
ASITO Kapital, RomaniaMr. Marcel PIRCIOGFinancial Director
ASTOP Broker, RomaniaMrs. Cerasela NERGHESAdministrator
ASTRA Asigurari, Romania Mrs. Simona BELCIN Head of Aviation Insurance and Reinsurance Department
Mrs. Claudia AVRAM Director of Private Life Insurance
Mrs. Irina BEJAN Health Insurance Coordinator
Mrs. Corina IONITAProject Manager
Mrs. Ileana ILIE Manager
Mr. Bogdan MANOLE Corporate Sales Manager
Mrs. Laura DRAGUTOIU Manager
Mrs. Luminita GHEORGHE Coordinating Director, Life and Health Insurance
Mr. Valentin CORNACIU Actuary
ATE Insurance, RomaniaMr. Dan-Mihail STOICESCUGeneral Manager
Mrs. Alexandra OPREA Head of Reinsurance Department
Mr. Marian ZLATARU General Insurance Director
AVIVA Asigurari de Viata, RomaniaMr. Mihai POPESCUGeneral Manager
AVUS Group, AustriaMr. Ionel DIMAVicepresident
AXASIG Broker, RomaniaMr. Eugen POPAGeneral Manager
BCR Asigurari de Viata, RomaniaMrs. Florina VIZINTEANUPresident of the Board
BRD Asigurari de Viata, RomaniaMrs. Monica DINU Reinsurance Manager
Mrs. Ayla MENGAZI Legal Manager
Mrs. Nadia PIETREANU Marketing and Communication Manager
CAMPION Broker, RomaniaMr. Octavian TATOMIRESCUGeneral Manager
Mrs. Dana TATOMIRESCU Deputy General Manager
Mrs. Simona CRETUFinancial Manager
CARPATICA Asig, RomaniaMr. Cosmin ANGHELUTA Deputy General Manager
Mr. Marius DUCA Actuary
CEA - CREDIT EUROPE Asigurari, RomaniaMr. Mesut YETISKULGeneral Manager
Mr. Radu MANOLIU Deputy General Manager
Mr. Ciprian GRIGORESCU Manager
Mr. Cagatay ULUDAG Sales Director
Mr. Eugen IOSUB Manager
Mrs. Ioana ALEXIU -
CERTASIG, RomaniaMr. James GRINDLEYCEO & President of the Board
Mrs. Mihaela COJOCARU Chief Officer Underwriter & Board Member
Mr. Andrei MIRAUTA Reinsurance Manager
Mrs. Raluca BACIUSenior Underwriter
Mr. Cristian NICULESCU Head of Intermediary Unit
Mrs. Alina ARSENI Inspector
Mr. Alexandru BARBU Risk Manager
Mrs. Ana Maria IACOB Reinsurance Analist
CHAUCER Underwriting, DenmarkMr. Anders NORSKOVUnderwriter
CLAIM Expert, RomaniaMr. Martin HASCHKACEO
CORIS RoumanieMrs. Tatiana IONESCUGeneral Manager
Mr. Bogdan POPABroker
D&CA Insurance Broker, RomaniaMrs. Irina TRAICUExecutive Director
DESTINE Broker, RomaniaMr. Romeo BOCANESCUGeneral Manager
Mr. Marius LASLO Executive Director
DEUTSCHE Ruck, GermanyMr. Klaus-Gregor HAHNHead of Market CEE
EIRB - European Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers, UKMr. Terry MAJORDirector
EUREKO Asigurari, Romania Mr. Frans van der ENT CEO
Mrs. Carmen RADU Deputy General Manager
Mr. Alexandru LEONDARIDeputy General Manager
Mr. Alin BAIESCU Bancassurance, Brokers & Corporate Division Manager
Mrs. Florentina DRAGNEA Life Insurance Manager
EUROINS, BulgariaMr. Todor DANAILOVReinsurance Manager
EUROINS, RomaniaMr. Iulius Alin BUCSAGeneral Manager
Mrs. Diana MORUZEASales Director
Mr. Catalin CHIRIAC Insurance Manager
Mrs. Krisztina TOTH Head of Reinsurance Department
EVEREST Re, BelgiumMr. Thierry PELGRINSpecialty Manager
EximAsig Romania Mr. Alexandru NEFEROIU Member of the Board
Mr. Ionut LOSONTI Underwriter Manager
Mr. Dragos CIOCAN Reinsurance Manager
FATA Asigurari, RomaniaMr. Bogdan PIRVUGeneral Manager
Mrs. Gabriela POPESCU Reinsurance Manager
Mr. Viorel NICOLAE Area Sales Manager
Mr. Dan STOIAN Sales Manager
FINANCE Broker, RomaniaMrs. Cristina OTETGeneral Manager
FORTE Asigurari, RomaniaMr. Guglielmo FRINZIGeneral Manager
Mrs. Elena GRECU Deputy General Manager
Mrs. Nicoleta TODEA Head of Insurance Department
Mr. Carmine CAPEZZONE -
FSG Broker, RomaniaMr. Liviu DINESCUGeneral Manager
FUNK International, RomaniaMr. Marius ROSCAGeneral Manager
Mr. Adrian LAZAR Intl. Department Manager
GARANTA Asigurari, RomaniaMr. George MARTINReinsurance and Actuarial Director
Mr. Flavius STANCIU Manager
GARANTIE Asigurari, Repubic of MoldovaMr. Mihai MAZARENCOPresident
GEN Re Milano, ItalyMr. Angelo GARBELLISenior Underwriter Specialist
Mrs. Grainne GILLENUnderwriter Casualty Facultative
GEN Re, Austria Mr. Silviu SABIESCU Account Executive CEE
Mr. Andre KAYDAN Head of Marketing CEE
GENERAL Reinsurance, GermanyMr. Darius WEGLARZSenior Account Executive
GENERALI Asigurari, RomaniaMr. Adrian MARINCEO
Mr. Ovidiu RACOVEANU Director Life Insurance
Mr. Madalin ROSU Claims Management Director
Mrs. Daniela PENE Director of External Partners Department
Mrs. Olga MOLDOVAN Director of Brokers Department
Mrs. Andrea CHUDA Director of Sales and Marketing Division
Mr. Catalin DRAGUT Reinsurance Specialist
Mr. Ovidiu CIOFU Head of Non-Auto Insurance
Mr. Radu IONESCU Head of Motor Insurance Division
Mrs. Beatrice DAVID Product Manager - Life Insurance
GLOBAL Assurance Broker, RomaniaMr. Cornel LOGIGANAdministrator
GLOBAL Risk Services, RomaniaMrs. Carmen SIBISANGeneral Manager
Mr. Stefan BAKI Development Director
GRAWE Asigurari, RomaniaMr. Peter KASYKGeneral Manager
Mrs. Allice DUMITRU Sales Manager
GROUPAMA Asigurari, RomaniaMr. Flavius TCACIUCReinsurance Director
Mrs. Adriana VACARUS Senior Reinsurance Underwriter
Mrs. Mirela POPDirector, Claims Life
Mrs. Angela ROTARIU Sales Project Manager
Mrs. Cristina LUCA Underwriting Manager
Mr. Cristian HRISTU Motor Underwriting Manager
GROUPAMA, FranceMr. Eric PETERDeputy Reinsurance Manager
GUY Carpenter & Company, UKMrs. Raluca PETREANUVice President
Mr. Ian BETHUNEVice President
HANNOVER Life Re, ItalyMrs. Patricia ROSANDALife Marketing Assistant
HANNOVER Re, GermanyMr. Marin ANDREEV Deputy Underwriter
HDI-Gerling, GreeceMr. Notis VAGIAKAKOSManaging Director
Mrs. Elina PAPASPYROPOULOU Manager Liability
Mr. Christos DOUCAS Manager Engineering
IES - Insurance Engineering Services, ItalyMr. Paul HUGELLoss Adjuster
ING Asigurari de Viata, RomaniaMrs. Cornelia COMAN General Manager
Mrs. Nicoleta GLIGA Broker Relationship Manager
Mr. Adrian CARLAN Employee Benefits Relationship Manager
INGOSSTRAKH Insurance Company, RussiaMr. Igor ALEKSEEVManaging Director
Mrs. Aleksandra FROLOVA Expert of International Inward Treaty Reinsurance Unit
INTER Broker, RomaniaMr. Silviu CHIRIACAdministrator
Mrs. Carmen COTRAU General Manager
JLT Re, UKMr. Guy HUDSONPartner
KAY International, UKMr. William KERSLEYInternational Broker
Mr. Johan HAGGO International Broker
Mr. Adrian MARIN Eastern European Representative
KLASSIKA Asigurari, Republic of MoldovaMr. Nicolae DIACONUGeneral Manager
KOREAN Re, UKMr. Hong-Sub CHOIChief Representative
LION Broker, RomaniaMrs. Carmen PITUDirector
Mr. Mihai VRISCU Director
MAPFRE Re, GermanyMrs. Ileana SOCECAssistant Underwriter CEE Countries
Mr. Zeljko PANICHead of Treaty Business CEE Countries
MARSH Broker, RomaniaMr. Cristian FUGACIUCountry Manager
Mr. Laurentiu IAKAB Corporate Client Practice
MAXYGO Broker, RomaniaMr. Alexandru APOSTOLGeneral Manager
Mrs. Luciana APOSTOLDeputy General Manager
MEDICOVER Asigurare AB Stockholm, RomaniaMrs. Catalina BALANGeneral Manager
Mrs. Elena BADEA Health Insurance Manager
MILLENIUM Insurance Broker, RomaniaMrs. Camelia ISACHEGeneral Manager
Mr. Stefan PRIGOREANU Partner
MILLI Re, TurkeyMr. Daghan DUMANLIForeign Inward Department
Mr. Ekin TUMSAVAS Foreign Inward Department
MOLDASIG, Republic of MoldovaMr. Vitalie BANARUDeputy General Manager
Mr. Vitalie POLIVENCUHead of Reinsurance Department
MOLDCARGO, Republic of MoldovaMrs. Irina GORCEAG Manager of Reinsurance and Corporate Clients
Mr. Alexandru MUNTEANU Representative
Mr. Mihail JOSAN -
NET Risk, RomaniaMr. Razvan PAVELGeneral Manager
Mrs. Loredana NUTAInsurance Manager
OLSA Re, RomaniaMr. Claudiu VILCEANUExecutive Director
OMNIASIG VIG, RomaniaMr. Mihail TECAU President
Mr. Sergiu LOGHINMember of the Board
Mrs. Oana ZOITAReinsurance Manager
Mr. Gabriel OLTEAN Deputy Director, Sales Division
Mr. Ion Mincu RADULESCUMarketing Director
Mrs. Madalina CONSTANTIN Head of PR Department
Mrs. Dana TANASEManager
OTTO Broker, RomaniaMr. Victor SRAERGeneral Manager
Mrs. Simona PANAITESCU Director
Mr. Lucian FILIP Director
Mr. Alexandru DRAGUSAN Director
OVB Allfinanz RomaniaMr. Cristian FILIMONDeputy General Manager
PAID RomaniaMr. Radu Mircea POPESCU Head of Technical Department
Mrs. Natalia MAN Reinsurance Specialist
PARTNER Re, SwitzerlandMr. Andreas GROSSESenior Underwriter
Mr. Thierry MURTE Underwriter Cat
Mr. Francis BLUMBERG Head of Property&Casualty Northern, Central and Eastern Europe
PIRAEUS Insurance Broker, RomaniaMr. Cristian BALANICAGeneral Manager
Mrs. Madalina HUDICI Network Manager
Mrs. Adriana MIHAI Chief Accountant
Mr. Cosmin ANDREIHead of Sales
Mr. Dan DALAHead of Leasing
Mrs. Catalina STRUGARUHead of Bancassurance
Mrs. Elena PETREHead of Life
Mr. Adrian RACHITAN -
PLATINUM Insurance, RomaniaMrs. Anca BABANEATAGeneral Manager
Mr. Razvan CONSTANTIN Reinsurance Manager
Mr. Catalin CIUPERCA Reinsurance Department
Mrs. Alexandra BALANESCU Broker Account Manager
Mrs. Mihaela PASCU Broker Account Manager
Mr. Alexandru CALIN Broker Account Manager
Mrs. Cristina NITESCU Broker Account Manager
POLISH Re, PolandMrs. Agnieszka KOPERArea Client Manager
Mr. Artur MICHALAKUnderwriter
PORSCHE Versicherungs RomaniaMr. Marius VASILESCUHead of Claims Department
POWER Insurance Broker, RomaniaMr. Andrei RADULESCUShareholder
Mrs. Anisoara RADULESCU Executive Director
PSG Insurance Broker, RomaniaMr. Daniel PENAAdministrator
Mr. Liviu FLOAREA Executive Director
Mr. Ernest CIURARU Director
QBE Reinsurance, Ireland Mr. Kevin CUMMINSProperty Treaty Underwriter
RAIFFEISEN Broker, RomaniaMrs. Iulia OSMANExecutive Director
Mrs. Silvia DUMITRESCU Manager Insurance Department
Mrs. Mariana MANOLE Broker
Mr. Cristian IACOB Manager Insurance Department Leasing Operations
RFIB Limited, UKMr. Mark ROBINSONDirector
Mr. Simon FOREMAN Director
ROCREDIT Broker, RomaniaMr. Gherasim DOMIDEGeneral Manager
RUSSIAN Re, RussiaMrs. Maria MOROZOVABusiness Development and Client Management
SAFE Invest RomaniaMrs. Cecilia TOMIUCExecutive Director
SAFETY Broker, RomaniaMr. Viorel VASILEManaging Partner
Mrs. Ramona DOBRESCU Marketing Director
Mrs. Dana DUMITRUDirector of Network Development
Mr. Catalin ARDELEANUDirector of Network Development
Mrs. Lavinia NITAExecutive Director
Mrs. Corina CABUZManager
Mr. Endre BARABASManager
SCOR, GermanyMr. Domenico SEMERAROMarket Manager South Eastern Europe
Mr. Evgeny POTOKOV Underwriter
SKALA Insurance Brokers, RussiaMrs. Svetlana TSEKALODeputy CEO
STELLAR Re Europe, Romania Mrs. Denisa DUMITRU CEO
Mr. Dan TUDOROIU General Manager
Mrs. Corina NENITA Deputy General Manager - Broking Operations
Mrs. Cristina IGNAT Deputy Director
SWISS Re Europe, GermanyMrs. Alexandra STORRSenior Market Underweiter
Mr. Ulrich WERWIGK Legal Claims Specialist
TIRIAC Broker, RomaniaMr. Alexandru IVANGeneral Director
TOTAL Asig Broker, RomaniaMrs. Maria IONESCUGeneral Manager
Mrs. Alice IONESCU Sales Manager
TRANSILVANIA Broker, RomaniaMr. Dan NICULAE Managing Partner
TRUST Re, CyprusMr. Sinisa LOVRINCEVICHead of Business Development
UNIQA Asigurari, RomaniaMr. Florin GOLOVATICPresident of the Board
Mr. Romeo JANTEA Vicepresident
Mr. Catalin TABACARU Head of Underwriting Division
Mrs. Andreea STOICA Head of Broker & Corporate Department
Mrs. Elena ORSA Head of Leasing Department
Mr. Adrian BOGDAN Manager of Leasing Department
UNITED Insurance Brokers, Romania Mr. Khosro AZAD Administrator
Mr. Daniel FARAPONGeneral Director
UNITY Re, RussiaMr. Dmitry GARMASHDeputy CEO
Mrs. Olga IGNATOVICHDirector - Development Department
VBL Broker, RomaniaMrs. Laura CHESAGeneral Director
VERASIG Broker, RomaniaMrs. Georgeta SARACINClaims & Insurance Manager
Mrs. Iuliana TIFERSenior Broker
Mrs. Isabella DAMIAN Manager
Mrs. Mihaela NICOLAE Counselor
VICTORIA Asigurari, Republic of MoldovaMr. Octavian LUNGUGeneral Director
VIG Re, Czech RepublicMr. Martin POSPISILUnderwriting Specialist
WILLIS Re, UKMr. Edmond WODEHOUSEDivisional Director
Mr. Hamish DOWLEN Executive Director
Mrs. Susan LUCAS Executive Director
_ Mr. Cristian CONSTANTINESCU Insurance Specialist
Mrs. Karina ROSU Insurance Specialist
Mrs. Simona TANASE Insurance Specialist
Mrs. Ina CRUDUInsurance Specialist
Mr. Bogdan CRACIUNInsurance Specialist
Mrs. Adina BACIOIU Insurance Specialist
eClaims Management, RomaniaMr. Ion MOISEGeneral Manager
Private Pensions
AEGON Pensions, RomaniaMr. Marius RATIUCEO
Mr. Adrian STAVARUInvestments Director
ALICO Pensions, RomaniaMr. Mihai COCA COZMAGeneral Manager
ALLIANZ - TIRIAC Private Pensions, RomaniaMr. Crinu ANDANUTCEO
Mr. Iulius POSTOLACHE Investments Director
Mrs. Dorina COSAU Controlling Director
Mrs. Roxana STAN Risk Management Director
BCR Pensions, RomaniaMr. Corneliu MILEAExecutive Director
Mr. Mihnea DIACONUSales Manager
BRD Pensions, RomaniaMrs. Rozaura STANESCUGeneral Manager
EUREKO Pensions, RomaniaMr. Radu BRAGAREA General Manager
GENERALI Pensions, RomaniaMr. Ioan VREMECEO
Other Companies
ACADEMICA, RomaniaMr. Alexandru NICOLESCU Business Development Manager
ALIAT Service, RomaniaMr. Mihai WEBERCEO
Mr. Constantin CHIRITA Director
ASISOFT, RomaniaMr. Nicolae GANEAAdministrator
Mrs. Maria BOGHIAN Development Manager
Mrs. Valentina TUTUManager Servisel
Mr. Mihnea BRAGA Manager Autosel
AUDATEX Services, RomaniaMr. Gheorghe AXINTEGeneral Manager
Mr. Ion FILIPOIU Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Aurel IVAN Business Development Manager
Mrs. Nicoleta TELETIN -
Mrs. Marta CHELU -
BRAICONF, RomaniaMr. Florin COBARZAN Representative
BRD Groupe Societe Generale, RomaniaMr. Bogdan PLOSCARUDeputy Director, Financial Investment Services
CustomSoft, Romania Mr. Octavian DUMITRESCU -
Mr. Cosmin DOBRE -
Mr. Cristian IORDACHE -
EUROTAXGLASS`S, RomaniaMr. Sorin IACOBGeneral Manager
EXPOCAR, RomaniaMr. Gheorghe BACANUHead of Department
Emergency County Hospital, RomaniaMrs. Carmen MARCUMedical Director
FIAR Consult, RomaniaMrs. Adriana PANCIUCEO
FIT Design, RomaniaMr. Razvan ORODEL Managing Partner
Mr. Dan PARASCHIV Managing Partner
GRATEX International, SlovakiaMr. Stefan DOBAKCEO
Mr. Martin BENKODirector - Worldwide Business Development
Mr. Richard KOLARIK -
IFRA Assistance, RomaniaMrs. Lavinia MOCAGeneral Manager
INDACO, RomaniaMr. Octavian PASPARUGASoftware Development Manager
INSURANCE Training & Consulting, RomaniaMr. Marius FLOAREAManaging Partner
IUC - ISTANBUL Underwriting Center, TurkeyMrs. Muge HORASANTraining & Events Coordinator
Mrs. Seda CAYMAZ -
MANAGEMENT Assets Company, RomaniaMr. Andrei PETRESCUHead of Development
MEDIC Line, RomaniaMr. Mario GRIGORASCUGeneral Director
MILLIMAN, RomaniaMr. Adrian ALLOTTSenior Consultant
Media XPRIMM, RomaniaMr. Sergiu COSTACHEPresident
ORACLE Insurance EMEAMr. Glenn LOTTERINGSenior Director
Mr. John SINCLAIR Marketing Director
ORACLE, RomaniaMr. Cosmin NEDELEA-
Mr. Adrian VRACIUTechnology Sales
PAY U RomaniaMr. Cristian HERGHELEGIUCountry Manager
Mrs. Andreia STAVARACHE -
Mr. Daniel JINGA -
PRO Fiduciaria, RomaniaMr. Florian GABAGeneral Manager
PURE Power Solutions, RomaniaMr. Olcay KIZILGeneral Manager
Standard & Poor s, UK Mr. William MILLSDirector, Client Business Management
Mr. David LAXTON Director, Analytical Manager
_ Mrs. Sandra DINESCU Attorney
Mr. Daniel FLOREA Attorney
Media Partners
Wall-Street, RomaniaMr. Marius STANCIUReporter
BILTEN, CroatiaMrs. Tanja STAHULJAK Assistant to Managing Director
Insurance Research Letter, USAMr. Alexander B. HODGESChairman, Editor
WORLDWIDE Risk Solutions, UKMr. George WORSLEYDirector